Be The Miracle !

John DeVilbiss


Kiwanis International Trustee

Kiwanis clubs and Kiwanis members make miracles happen.  We provide, train, and develop future leaders through our SLP programs.  We help others without expecting any return of "thanks" or expectation of any reward.  Our only reward is knowing that we have improved the world and we may have made a miracle come true for someone else. 

Kiwanis has changed my life.  Kiwanis has given me the opportunity to go far beyond my community and help enrich the lives of others.  We, you and I, are given the opportunity to serve others through Kiwanis.  I was watching the move "Bruce Almighty" and heard Morgan Freeman say "If you want to see a miracle . . . . .Be the Miracle".  It's time for us to be Miracle Makers! 

Now is the time to increase:
                        Membership, Service to our Communities,
                        Expansion of support to our SLP Clubs,
                        Fiscal control of funds,    

Which will strengthen our Clubs.

It's time to get involved and make miracles happen.  It's time for each and every one of us to accept the challenge to "Be The Miracle".