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Defining Statement:

Now is the time to:

  • Increase membership and service in our communities
  •  Expand support of our SLP clubs
  •  Increase fiscal control of our funds

Now is time to get involved and make progress.  It's time for each and every one of us to accept the challenge to "Just do it".

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John Devilbiss
Kiwanis International Vice-President

Kiwanis International is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.

                           Just Do It!

Some time back I was talking to a Kiwanian who was running for Governor and asked what his theme was.  After some thought he said it probably would be "Just do something".  I have thought a lot about that statement over the years as it applies to Kiwanis. 

Kiwanis has become acutely aware that we have a membership problem.  We cannot continue to have a net membership loss year after year.  How many times have our clubs said our membership is getting older and we need new, younger members.  How often have we said we need to invite and get our friends into Kiwanis?  The answer is "Just do it".  Now is the time.  The same is true in establishing new Kiwanis clubs.  There are many areas where a new Kiwanis club is needed. "Just do it."

New members and new clubs are a blessing, but we need to nurture and care for all members and clubs.  We need to use Kiwanis dues money responsibly, and help create exciting new ways and opportunities for members find service challenges.  New and existing members need ideas and opportunities for service and to satisfy the heart that yearns to do service to help others.

We have a great SLP program.  They need our support, now more than ever.  When was the last time you were involved with one of our SLP groups?  They need to see you at their SLP events.  Remember, "Just do it".

Kiwanis changes lives.  Kiwanis gives us the opportunity to go far beyond our community and help change and improve the lives of others, but only if we do it.  We must move forward.  If we stay the same, we will eventually move backward.